Children's Ministries

Welcome to Kids World at Normandy where kids are welcomed with laughter and smiles by teachers and helpers who are ready to share age appropriate music, stories, and activities with your child.  Our mission is to come alongside parents as we help turn kids into lifelong, devoted followers of Jesus!

Our children’s programs are offered Sunday mornings at 10am. We have activities for birth through two years (our Ocean Swimmers), for age 3 through K (our Forest Explorers), and for grades 1 through 5 (our Mountain Climbers).  Parents often check their kids out a bit early so families can worship together for our closing worship set – it’s a fun way to close out our worship time together.

Also be watching for our Family Movie nights, as well as winter & summer camp activities for your kids and family at Pleasant Valley Christian Camp.

If you have any questions, please email us at


Children's Ministry Newsletter

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Parents Page January 2019